May 29, 2011

Moving . . .

I moved!
[in blogging terms, that is]

My new 'location' is

That ^ is where I will now be posting!!

Hope to see you there!

January 1, 2011

thanksgiving and more

 *Note to those of you have read the post previous to this one: none of these are edited with PS... I had already done all the editing on the pictures for this post before getting Photoshop.

On our way to Iowa we stopped at the arch(obviously). I had never been up before, only drove past it which was way back when I was little. Those small--very tiny--capsules that take you to the top are awesome!!
us kiddo's
If I lived in St. Louis, I might consider walking those steps every day for exercise.. (:

The highest I've ever been...(besides flying)

The view from the top.

I spy the van!!

"Thank you self-timer."

Well...we finally arrived at our destination. (:
Our stay with the Bontragers was most enjoyable..

My cousin let me put her flash on my camera for a little, and boy, did I love it!!

After what I wrote in THIS post you were probably wondering what my smile(with a gap) looks like. Well for those of you who were curious...

Ok, so you're probably thinking 'its not really that big', but believe me, when you're used to no gap and in less than a week it goes from together to approximately 4mm apart, it's BIG! Also, it's not as wide anymore and when I get braces in a few weeks it'll go right back together. (:


We had Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday instead of Thursday because of other plans.
the table. [minus most of the food]

cranberry salad

stuffed potatoes

chicken instead of turkey

pies by Allison

Us older girls went out to an adorable little coffee shop in town later on in the evening. 

Ashlyn - Chelsy - Me - Allison
Nothing like a good latte--or a good talk while sipping it!!!

December 25, 2010

a jolly Christmas to you!

jolly: adj. in good spirits, merry, joyous, informal, happy, cheerfully festive, delightful

I don't know about you, but I absolutely LOVE Christmas music!
Here are some of my fav's this year[in no particular order]

Here With Us - Joy Williams
Winter Wonderland by Newsboys
This is Christmas - Kutless
You're Here - Francesca Battistelli
Songs from David Archuleta's cd 'Christmas From the Heart'
Christmas This Year - TobyMac
How Many Kings - Downhere
BarlowGirl's cd 'Home For Christmas'
'A PureNRG Christmas'
What Child is This - MercyMe
Christmas Makes Me Cry - Mandisa with Matthew West
Songs by Jump5
Joyful, Joyful - Casting Crowns
The Night Before Christmas - Brandon Heath

What was your favorite Christmas song this year??
I'd love to know!


I got PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 9 for Christmas!!!!!
So please bear with me through trial and error(: Any tips from you pro's are gladly accepted!

{taken the last day we were in Indiana}
and yes, edited on PSE (:

 *  *  *
Don't forget the REASON for the season and have a wonderful day!
 *  *  * 

December 12, 2010

One last Christmas.

This is a beautiful--and sad--music video by Matthew West.
{go to the bottom of the page to turn off blog music first}